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5 Facts about Your Favourite Josef Seibel Shoes

Have you ever tried a pair of Josef Seibel shoes? Bet, you have already fallen in love with the superb comfort they bring. Here’re 5 facts about your favourite footwear to consider.

Coming in different modern and more classic shoe styles all Josef Seibel shoes can be divided into 3 main categories: casual shoes that meet all the up-to-date urban and rural life requirements, the footwear for outdoor activities and the shoe collections for playing sports. Whatever the pair of Josef Seibel shoes you purchase there are some interesting facts that can come together with it.

# Fact 1 Josef Seibel is in Vogue Since 1886

Can you imagine that your favourite European shoe making brand was established in the end of the nineteenth century? Yes, this currently multinational footwear business was established as a home shoe manufacturing workshop in the small German village by the family of Seibel. This long-term heritage has been developing ever since as the family-owned business. The production facilities are still located in Germany and several other European countries.

Nowadays Josef Seibel footwear can be acquired online and in traditional shops in more than 40 world countries. Not less than 6 million of pairs are sold every year. The customer interest to this brand increases with each coming day due to the first-class quality, durability and comfort at the affordable price.

# Fact 2 Josef Seibel the European Comfort Shoe

The second name of the Josef Seibel associates with the excellence in quality and comfort in wearing. The main brand philosophy says that feet comfort and durability are essential qualities that a pair of shoes should possess. This principle is achieved by implementing various innovations and high-end technologies during the shoe making process. The most revolutionary ideas in footwear manufacturing are combined with the handmade operations, like stitching together the upper shoe part and the soles to get the footwear completed. This workmanship part is major to reach the utmost flexibility and durability in wearing. Such a handmade stitching called strober is the hallmark of the Josef Seibel brand.

# Fact 3 Innovations for Feet Comfort

Although Josef Seibel keeps to many traditional components in shoe making, the basic footwear comfort of your feet is gained by utilizing many company innovations. Josef Seibel shoes, for example, have proposed Air Ped system, or special insoles that cater to the all comfort feet requirements. Those insoles are made from the unique composition material from carbon crystals and fungicides which can easily fight extra water or sweat, any unfriendly bacteria or fungi as well as the unpleasant odor they can bring with them.

All the footwear has got proper anatomical proportions to control and absorb the extra tension and stress which influences the feet while walking. At the same time the insoles by Josef Seibel are able to retain their shapes again which diminishes the excessive load on legs in the whole.

All the parts of the footwear by Josef Seibel work as the unique well-balanced mechanism to protect your feet from the extra fatigue or other unpleasant effects of daily walking or running.

# Fact 4 Trendy Styles and Colors

To look edgy, the Josef Seibel brand footwear is being manufactured in plenty of modern casual and more formal designs and various bright colors which are fashionable lately. The concept of Josef Seibel implements the current world tendencies to comfort and stylish footwear for daily usage anywhere and in every situation.

Besides its focus on feet comfort and durability, the true European brand allows their Josef Seibel customers to stand out of the crowd and get the admirable glances.

# Fact 5 Only Environmental-Friendly Materials

Josef Seibel utilizes only premium leathers and other natural or environmental-friendly materials while making their branded shoes. This is another priority of the European footwear manufacturer that embodies the company motto “Be the part of nature!” This principle is also valid for thorough quality control and industry odds utilizing.

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